Easier Way to Track Making Waves

I can’t imagine that nobody’s asked this before, but could we possibly get Making Waves on the sidebar with the other attributes? If that’s out of the question for some reason, it would at least be nice to have easier access to the value so we don’t need to go check it in the Myself tab every time we plan on increasing it. Maybe putting a counter for it in the slot that second chances normally take next to Notability? Or making actions that explicitly exist to increase Making Waves (on lodgings cards and such) display how much MW you have next to the requirements?


Using this user script Dance Party will display all the storylet requirements in plain text in the storylet box, including Making Waves
edited by Nigel Overstreet on 7/22/2015

If I’m not mistaken, it used to be there. Along with many other things such as Turncoat, Notability, and others. However, it was removed.

Alistair Cray’s Fallen London Secretary may be helpful for this once it’s done, although not quite as good as having it in the sidebar:

If you add the Amanuensis’ I deserve a more emphatic type-face, at the very least to your Plans, you can check it from there. Much easier than going to the Myself tab.

(Really though, I’d love it on the sidebar too. It’s much more useful to keep track of that if you’re playing the Notability scheme than, say, Turncoat or Unaccountably Peckish.)

Having Making Waves counter next to Notability counter on a side panel (only for POSI, perhaps?) would be extremely helpful

Turncoat is still there.

You mostly would want MW to be there too not because of the storylet requirements but because you want to be sure that it’s higher than Notability at all times. The problem is, depending on your play goal there are quite a lot of things you would want to check frequently without going to myself tab. And there is only so many things you can place on the left without turning the place into another myself tab.

I’d love the ability to choose a few qualities for quick access display on the sidebar.

Similar to how we can pick a mantelpiece and a scrapbook item for our character page, but this time for our own use. Sometimes I want to have my MW easily in front of me. Other times it would be nice to see my Counting the Days value, etc.

Having the ability to choose 3-4 such qualities for our sidebar would be very useful.

[color=#009900]I’m happy to say that we are building this feature into the mobile version of Fallen London right now. It’ll flow back from there into the web version a bit later, along with a bunch of other improvements.[/color]

Awesome! Glad to hear it!

Steadfast is increasing…
Melancholy is dropping…

I would have suggested turning the Notability Counter into a Making Waves Counter, and having Notability in the MW Second Chance slot… you could even add the Influence Counter to the other Second Chance Slot to save more space.