Earnest of Payment

I forgot TtH was due, and was sitting on my Professional Reward in case I drew a promotion. Then TtH came, but to my surprise I had two Professional Rewards sitting in my inbox. I thought the new one would overwrite the old.
But all is not well. I now have an &quotEarnest of Payment&quot sitting in my inventory, but it cannot be used. I am hesitant to open the next Professional Reward while it is sitting there. But, of course, I can’t get rid of it either, as it cannot be sold. Suggestions? I’m contacting Support, just in case.

– Mal

Don’t you get the option to get your weekly payment(even if you don’t have it, but then you can’t actually take it) if you use your perks? Never tried with the cheapest perk, through.

No such option shows on my perks.

– Mal

[quote=malthaussen]No such option shows on my perks.

– Mal[/quote]

I mean after you use the perks.

EDIT: wiki says using a perk sends you to the storylet to use your payment.
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Hmm, I’ve been saving perks to combine into a Trade Secret, the perk itself isn’t much. So, the question would be if it is worth it to sacrifice a Perk (worth about 30 Echoes, when combined into a Trade Secret) to cash the check (which is also about 30 Echoes for Author). My real concern, though, is that having the Earnest of Payment in my inventory may cause problems with future payments, which is why I asked support. Of course, they’ve all gone home for the day by now.

– Mal

You have two messages, but you still only have one earnest.
The earnest is not an usable item, and never was. It is reclaimed by playing the universal storylet.
I expect that playing the storylet once will remove both messages. And you will only get one payment. And that is the intended behaviour.

Looks like I lost the week’s Perk, too, which is a shame. Ah, well, I just got a Midnight Matriarch in a Cat box, it all balances out.

– Mal