Early-Game (only?) Acquaintances

I was on a normal stroll through the wiki attempting to find out if Mahogany Hall was only accessible through your lodgings, when I came across a certain page detailing a friendship with a Bohemian Sculptress. I had not heard of such an acquaintance, so naturally I was curious. Her card is unlocked with Persuasive 3 and locked with Homeless or her acquaintance. Through some more digging I saw that every early game area had such an acquaintance, for example the Grubby Urchin in Spite. I’ve tried some slight location camping to see if this card would show up, but as it has Abundant Frequency and has been available since the start of the game, I fear I am terribly unlucky or it has been locked with some hidden requirement (a persuasive cap possibly?).

If anyone has these acquaintances or information on whether they are still available after the early game, I would be very grateful.
Cheers, DavidJ

Take a look at “Find new stories” in your lodgings and see what options you have there.

She, the urchin, and others become quest givers at your lodging.

Unfortunately, the only options available to me are A Note about Jack and the House of Chimes. It seems that for them to appear at your lodgings you must have their acquaintance at 6 already. Any idea as to how this is done?

You get them early on while following the Making Your Name storylines. They can’t really be missed, as far as I can tell.

They are not acquaintances, like the Repentent Forger or Sardonic Music Hall Singer.