Drudgewick? Charlie Square?

These two locations have been mentioned in the sidebar snippets for, a year now, I think? More than that? But so far I’ve seen nothing of them in the game proper - the first, apparently a suburb-turned-island for the upper-middle class, isn’t even available as a destination when going out to zee, nor does it seem to appear in the Sunless Sea location map. As for Charlie square, it’s supposed to be a gathering spot for anarchists and revolutionaries, but as a PoSI who has all but reached the available content limits (and who is pursuing the Heart’s Desire ambition) I haven’t encountered it so far.

Are these locations even in the game? If not, will they be added? And do we know when?[li]

The opportunity card Amber in the Well takes place in Charley Square. I don’t remember what Drudgewick is, though.

Now I wish there were more storylets in the Square of Lofty Words, as that sounds like a really fun place for Watchful players.

The opportunity card “A night on the tiles” also takes place in Charley Square - or, at least, above it.