Drown me in Cider

Okay, so I’ve decided to become a bit of a hedonist. And what is more a hedonistic drink then the Elixir Of Life?

So I want any Cider people (Whenever I am in London: right now I am on Mutton Island.) to pretty much drown me in the stuff.

Now, I’m not expecting this for nothing. If there is something that you want in exchange, let me know either on this thread (Not reccomended) or by in game message or action. (reccomended) Assuming I can provide it (And don’t forget) I shall do so. if I don’t do it in a while, just send me a reminder and I’ll get right to it. Make sure to say you want something if you do though.

If you don’t want to do this, or find yourself disgused by affront to custom and want to distance yourself from it, then rather then give it to me I ask you give it to my friend and in game wife Cronomancer Callum instead. Poor guy’s taken it on himself to Seek up until the Gate and could probably use some menace reduction. (:

I’ve given a (single) sip to anyone who has asked. (my current sip count is 145 total sips sent to 60 different characters).
I’ll send you a sip when I’m back to London

For the few who where interested in many sips, I’ve asked the request to be in the form of a beneficial social action. In this case, ‘beneficial’ means something that makes it worth while to both accept the request and to send the sip.

The best option is to send a sip request via The Neath’s Mysteries card (lodgings card), choosing ‘a strange sort of prank’. This is best since it’s mutually beneficial - both sender and receiver get 4 echoes in Cryptic Clues, which covers nicely the two needed actions (for the Cryptic Clues and for sending the actual sip).

Other social actions which come to mind and are profitable enough:

  • Sending 30 First City Coins (costs you 7.5 echoes, but doesn’t cost me an action to receive(!), so it’s best for me from a selfish perspective)[/li][li]Sending a Surprise Package (costs you 10 echoes, and gives me a random value averaging ~6 echoes. But costs me an extra action to actually open the package.)

Oh, and though not actually &quotprofitable&quot, I’ll gladly send sips for Starveling Cats (not for unopened boxes which might contain a cat). I’m operating under the assumption that you can never have too many cats.

Thank you for the post and sip Dov. I appreciate it. To be honest I was a little afraid that I was commiting rather a social faux pas with this post. It’s always good to know what someone wants in exchange.