Dreaming about home and the Name

I know that, for now, SMEN is not working and is undergoing changes.[li]

But this make me experience a small problem. I just got the card &quotA dream about your home&quot.
Between the chistmas advent calendar, that gave me the &quotFree of the Name&quot quality, and my meddling with demons, that made me Unaccountably Peckish, I can choose the second of the two options.

Both options are named &quotBut the view outside your window isn’t right&quot and they have both the same text, but the second one requires those qualities I speaked of above.
I checked the wikia and indeed the second option should start me on this destructive quest, which is now not working.
What would happen? Would I get the first level of SMEN, just to be unable to proceed?
Maybe nothing would happen, maybe this is a bug, surely I don’t have any idea.

Thank you for reading this, if you have any idea about what’s happening, write a post, if you don’t I’m sorry to have wasted your time.

From what I can tell, you can BEGIN SMEN, but you can only get up to a lower level. I’ve seen the option in the Forgotten Quarter about the Well, so the lower levels still exist in some form.

The Christmas Advent shouldn’t have given you Free of the Name, it should have taken away Free of the Name. All the better.

Was unable to connect, saw the reply only now.
Thanks Zeek, I thought about it and I decided to wait anyway until Failbetter make the Search fully working again.
No Dharlome, the advent took, from peoples who searched the name and then regretted their decision their Free of the Name, and gave free of the name to others.
That’s what appened to both my characters.