Dramatic Tension

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Has anyone yet tried playing with the Dramatic Tension quality to see if it is always reset upon use à la Seeking/Casing/Running Battle? Or perhaps might it be similar to Tales of Mahogany Hall? I am of a mind to try it. In the name of science, of course.

One must proceed with one’s experiments, but as they say, an hour in the library (or perhaps the pub) often saves months in the laboratory, n’est-ce pas?

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By accident I once accumulated one more point than needed (that is a change point, not a full level), which I couldn’t keep.
Deep in the night I still bemoan that loss.

I’m not sure weather this is intentional or not, but upon conclusion of a cycle in Wilmot’s End, when your “Dramatic Tension” quality is at 2, it is possible to play the final storylet twice. Once to receive your reward, and once again to bring your Dramatic Tension back to 1. I’m pretty sure this couldn’t be exploited, as you still have to go through the effort of the Wilmot’s End cycle, but there you go.

That’s an intentional change, since it was the other way around previously. Unfortuantely, this meant that it took longer to get some of the reward items from Wilmot’s End than it did to just go out and get the ingredients and then use them to buy it.
As such, it is both intentional and not an exploit.

Is it just me, or is Wilmot’s End a faster way to increase Tension than, say, Fighting a War of Assassins? The fact that you jump from 3 to 4 in one action in particular makes it seem like it’s more efficient to get Tension at Wilmot’s and then cash in for an Assassin’s reward, unless I’m missing something.

No, they both require the same amount of actions (not counting the picnic storylet). I did calculations back when I was grinding for Items of Some Importance.

Ah, I see. Fair enough, then.

Raising threads from the dead is hardly fine etiquette, but in this case I need to know. What is this quality and how can I get it? I’ve searched around Wilmot’s End a lot, but I don’t see Storylets for raising this quality. I’m at around 110 in Persuasive, Shadowy, and Watchful (my Shadowy is quite a few levels lower than is needed for Wilmot’s End, but still) and I’ve never heard of this quality before completing a WE cycle.

I’ve not personally obtained it, but by looking around on spoiler sites I’ve gotten the basic idea. In a few areas, such as Wilmot’s End and Hunter’s Keep, there is a chain of events you can do. When you reach the end of it, one of two things happens: it increases dramatic tension, or if dramatic tension is high enough, it gives a reward. So, in order to get it at Wilmot’s End just pursue the other options there until you hit a conclusion.

Ah, I see I was too wrapped up in the mysteries of Clathermont’s Parlour to take the ‘default’ option for the ending storylet. Many thanks.