Double Irrigo?

I had thought that irrigo faded as a one-time deal; but I’ve been hit by it twice thus far, especially painful givn the impact on Notability. Should I expect any further hits?[li]

Irrigo dissipation is handled through a weekly storylet: Time heals.

This same storylet also heals some wounds and scandal and drops your making waves and notability.

The irrigo and notability are coincidental in the exacting sense of the word, and there is no causal link.

I do believe it is a bug.

Last week I discovered that “Time heals” damages your Notability. Okay, I thought, no more Cave of the Nadir for me.

…and today I get hit by “Time heals” again even though I haven’t gone anywhere. Bugger.

My point is: the card “Slowcake’s Amanuensis” doesn’t come up regularly enough to be drawn and used even once a week, let alone twice. Getting your notability to 3 (or 5) will be impossible with such brutal decay rate.

I haven’t heard the official word on the matter, but I believe that the regular Healing Time is working as intended - though it looks like something of a work in progress. Though remember that you can summon Slowcake’s Amanuensis through your Lodgings for a few points of Making Waves, and the Unsigned Message through a Favourable Circumstances.

Oh dear, this particular bit of wisdom somehow managed to elude me. I had no idea one could arrange a visit from this noteworthy gentleman.

I am immensely grateful for this delicious insight.

Is there a non-giftcode way to acquire the aforesai Circumstances?

You can spend Fate in the Write Letters storylet.