Donations for the Implacable Detective's Campaign!

Hello, and thank you for choosing to support the cause of Justice in Fallen London! This thread is to organize a list of those willing and able to donate to the campaign (in the interest of working more efficiently and not wasting valuable actions soliciting from those unwilling tho contribute). Sign up in this thread if you’ll accept donation requests from your Campaigner fellows. The more donations we give, the better-funded our campaign will be, the more influence we will have in the election, and the better our candidate will do!

I am a campaigner, and should have enough supplies to donate moon-pearls, at least, for a while. If you send me a donation request, I will probably reciprocate with one of my own.

EDIT: Just got Influencing 9. Will accept requests for moderate and minor donations, and will not be sending donation requests back.[li]
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I am open to donating to the cause of the Implacable Detective (but I may respond slowly due to timezone shenanigans).

I am a Campaigner for logic and truth, and would very much like to exchange requests with other campaigners!

While tempted by promises of a proper tea trade, I think this city too wishy washy to benefit from it. I declare myself in support of the Implacable Detective.

Currently traveling and will be slowly in responding. Please do not send multiple requests.

I have hit Level 10 and will not be asking for further donations.
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I too am a campaigner in support of the Implacable Detective and both welcome and request donations. I may not be particularily speedy about answering requests but I will do what I can.

My main will be fully willing to give donations towards the cause of fellow Campaigners for the Implacable Detective.

I am also open to receive and reciprocate donations of any size.

Marlon JD has thrown his support behind our tenacious friend. His resources are humble but will be given freely to aid this noble campaign.

I am also open to donating to fellow campaigners for the Implacable Detective and would request others support my own campaigns as well.

Hello there! I’m also open to receive and reciprocate donations. For the Logic and Truth!

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cathyr19355 has thrown her support to the Implacable Detective and is open to both types of actions for donations (indeed, she has solicited some donations already).

I am also interested in giving and receiving donations. Lets make sure to keep the money flowing in, it is the only logical way to win.

I have added you all and responded to those that ask of me.

I am campaigning for the detective as well. I am happy to receive and give donations for her campaign. It might take me a while to respond since I havent made enough preparations for the election.
Edit: I am not prepared in the sense of not making a bunch of short stories for advancing my career. I have enough resources to donate any amount to any number of people. so let me know what you want me to donate and I would prefer the same donation to my request but it is okay if you cannot donate as much as I donated to you.

Edit2: I dont need anymore donations myself but I can still donate to other campaigners if anyone needs donations.
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Any and all are free to request or send donations for the Implacable Detective. Justice shall be had on those who would abuse it, and I’ll spare no expense to help fund that fight.

As a fixer, I won’t ask for donations. But I have enough resources to give for a while. Let me know if you need anything specific.

I welcome donations for the Implacable Detective, and I also solicit donations for the cause.

I’m certainly willing to accept donations for the Implacable Detective.

I am willing to receive and give donations for the cause.

Michael doesn’t have much to donate, but he would be glad to help out, nevertheless.

All campaigners, just flood hellaGummy with requests! I’m a fixer, myself, so if you need those services I’m up for it too. What’s the best donation to give, or do they all have the same effect?

Sorry, I guess I’ve betrayed you. DTC Forever, her going against the Revolutionaries was too cute of a moment to not change my heart.
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