Does upgrading Profession eat up Notability?

The question is as stated in the title. Are the required notability points (2 in my case, from Campaigner to Mystic) removed after upgrade? A higher tier profession would be nice, but I need the notability for getting the 5 card lodgings at Penstock, so I want to make sure.

Nope! I recently upgraded to Monster Hunter from Stalker and was worried about the same, but my Notability remained unchanged!

That’s a relief, thanks for answer!

Hey while we are on this topic where can I check my making waves without the opp card in hand?

Go to your lodgings and to the storylet &quotAttend to matters of society and scandal&quot.

Click &quotplan&quot Ribbon at the top right side of the storylet &quotUse your influence to invite Slowcake’s Amanuensis for a visit&quot

Now you can view the not only your Making Waves but also the required MW for the next Notability tier at the &quotPlans&quot tab