Does the theosophistical society storyline end?

I’ve been drawing cards and increasing my seeking for a while. Does this story eventually conclude or is this just a way of raising seeking for other purposes?

And if so, can anyone suggest the best way of spending seeking/investigating? I’m probably heading out to zee soon and don’t want to waste it all. Is there anywhere other than the Flit to spend it?

I think it ends in Mahogany Hall, but my memories are pretty hazy.

I do not believe it has a conclusion yet. I think it goes as far as this card:

If you choose an academic option then your seeking gets set to 12 and, as far as I know, no longer progresses. If you choose a cynical option your seeking gets set to 10 and you get access to this card:

I haven’t actually gotten the Profit card myself and the wiki is incomplete but I believe if you choose to get in on the scam you do not progress the story any further.

Taking the Theosophistical Profit route can get your Forceful and Steadfast quirks up to 10, eventually. It will take several carousels to get that card - though you can use the storylet in the Flit to increase your seeking so don’t need to go through all those cards again.

I have also tried the academic option but didn’t get anything after reaching seeking 12. I know someone else was looking at the storylet but don’t know if they ever found out if there is anything beyond that.