Does going mad make you lose dream progress?

As part of my ambition, I have to go insane. I read somewhere that this costs you dream qualities? Or am I understanding this wrong? What exactly will I lose by going insane? I saw the honeyed laudanum in the house of chimes, but don’t want to spend fate to preserve my dreams progress.

The State of Confusion, where you end up in the Royal Bethlehem as a resident, causes you to lose a bit off of all your dream qualities. (the number I’ve heard is 5 CP, but from me that’s just hearsay) If you have any Memories of Light when you hit Nightmares 8 you instead go to the Mirror Marches where you can reduce your Nightmares and return home when you get sane again – that will not reduce every dream quality you have, but it will reduce Someone Is Coming by more. (again hearsay, but the number I’ve heard is -10 CP to SIC)

I don’t know of any way to go mad that doesn’t involve losing some qualities. I’m far from an expert on madness though, so hopefully Sir Joseph Marlen might drop by and enlighten us both. He is by far the maddest man in London. (doubly so now that he like hundreds of points of Upstairs to burn off in mad visions)

{edit: It occurs to me I should mention that if you go to Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival and enter the House of Mirrors you can use 2 Memories of Light [I think it’s 10 to unlock, and uses 2] to enter one of the mirrors and go directly to 8 Nightmares and the Mirror Marches regardless of your current level of Nightmares. Not sure that’s useful, but there it is.}
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Back before I started playing the dream penalties were way more severe, but now it’s just a minor drop. I think for the ambition you need to go to the State of Some Confusion, so using the Dream’s Mirror in Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival is the best way to go about that.

If you happen to end up in the Marches as a result and need to be in a State of Some Confusion the mirror you want to take to get back to the RB is the one labeled &quotA Familiar Scene.&quot Once you click on it the text makes it pretty clear what’s going to happen, but knowing which mirror it is might save you some actions.

Thanks. I was worried about losing all of my progress. I can tolerate a minor drop though.

Actually, I lost all of “Is Someone there” when I landed in the MM. (It was roughly 6 and is still only back to 1)

Well, that’s definitely more than 10 CP of drop. I wonder if it’s 15 or more?