Do we have to uninstall/re-install the new version

Just wondering whether updating from the in-game menu is the same as downloading the new patched version from the Humble Store?[li]
What’s the most appropriate way to update?


[color=#C2B280]They’re not the same: to get the benefits of the patch, you need to download the new installer from Humble Bundle.[/color]

OK, thank you. Should I be uninstalling the previous version as well? Just don’t want any weird conflicts.

[color=#C2B280]No need to uninstall; the patch installer will take care of things. You will need to check for updates using the New Game option on the title screen for some changes to take effect, however.[/color]

Thank you Flyte, much appreciated. Sorry for the noob questions ;)

There really ought to be a button to check for updates on the main screen, or an option to do so when continuing a game. I only get the choice when I click new game (pc version).

[color=#009900]We’re going to retool the update setup; we’d like to be able to provide patch notes, check for updates without needing to start a new game, and update some of the things that currently require a full patch, like new terrain. But it’s intentional - for now and possibly forever - that you can’t update while continuing a game, because playing an old saved game against a new story might cause hard-to-diagnose bugs. (EDIT: Probably not forever: see upcoming patch notes.)[li]
[color=#009900](The fact that New Game on the in-game menu doesn’t check for updates is a straightforward oversight, though, and we’ll be fixing that.)[/color][/li][/color][li]
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Is that only for new content, or is that also applicable to build? Do I need to start over every time we patch the game?

What I’ve been doing is pressing New Game, downloading the stuff, selecting A Past Wreathed In Shadows and then loading my old save without saving the new game. The updates do seem to be propagating into my old save (for instance, I’ve noticed that I can talk to the Scarred Sister now).

I’ve got hundreds of echoes and most of the finished map bits explored, I don’t wanna start over.
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[color=#009900]Tara: no, you don’t usually need to start over with patches. Of course, betas being what they are, we might at some point invalidate earlier saves. We will try not to, though![/color][color=#009900][color=#009900]
re: using the New Game / load content trick. This will work. However[/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)], [/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]you are using an unsupported option and you may easily end up with content bugs![/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)] That’s up to you, but be aware that it may break things. It might be fine! It might not. If you send any reports or feedback, please let us know you’ve done it, so we can disregard certain kinds of weirdness and broken experience.
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One question about this: is it likely to cause bugs if instead of starting a completely new game, I go back to the saved game, commit suicide in an interesting and creative way, and then use the skill legacy in my new game? Or should I start completely from scratch?