Divorce and Re-marriage

Hi everybody!

As a bit of background, I set up a marriage between my two characters because it seemed mutually beneficial. This was before either of them was a PoSI. Now, however, Paflick has gotten a good amount of progress in, and for RP reasons, I wish to roll back the clock and set up a wedding that is a bit more extravagant!

So, really, the question is this: can you re-marry a character you have divorced? Are there any downsides to doing so, besides the cost of the divorce and wedding?

Thanks in advance for any help!

As far as I’m aware, there’s no repercussions for re-marrying a character. My current in game spouse and I got divorced and re-married, and so far as I am aware, there has been nothing different.

You do lose any special marriage items, including the Letter from the Empress. But that doesn’t sound like it would be an issue in your case.

Echoing the other comments to say that it sounds like you should be fine here. :-) The only drawbacks would be the expense involved, but it seems like you’re already prepared for that.

Thanks everybody! I appreciate the quick replies. As soon as I finish up grabbing my guest room at the Embassy, I’ll start planning the renewal of the vows.

from what I can tell interpayer marriages aren’t possible at the moment. I got my two accounts to divorce theyre thief and rubbery man to marry them to eachother but dont see how to at the moment, theres a storylet about a marriage tax that implies its turned off at the moment

let me know if I am wrong!

No, you’re absolutely right. Looks like marriage and divorce was one of the things that was disabled for the iOS release, or something similar. Oh well, hope it returns before too long!

Marriages are indeed currently unavailable, and have been since the release of the iOS app. Moods just returned so I wouldn’t expect marriage to take much longer, and considering how long a grind some of the highest weddings are I’m sure they’ll be back before you could finish.