I see the “Distribution” option for Sometimes cards has spawned a new warning that it might not do what I think it does. And a search of this forum reveals mutterings that it’s deprecated, and might be removed. Fair enough.

But… setting the Distribution to “Ubiquitous” was actually doing exactly what I thought it would, specifically to ensure that one and only one copy a particular card was dealt in every hand. And I’ve built a significant game mechanic around that, so I’m a bit worried now that the rug’s going to be pulled from under my feet.

May I ask for official advice?


(PS. Actually, what I wrote above isn’t quite right. More precisely, I thought “Ubiquitous” would make it statistically very likely that the card would be dealt in every hand, given the smallish size of my deck. Not the same as being guaranteed, but close enough for what I want. Just correcting myself to avoid any confusion.)

[color=#009900]The warning’s been there for a while, actually. But we’re reconsidering the matter: enough people seemed to have used the Distribution feature that it’s probably going to be hard for us to remove it now, unless we can find another way to achieve the same end.[/color]
[color=#009900]The ‘not what you expected’ point means two things. One, that if a creator sets a number of cards to different distributions, it can be very hard to keep track of what they’ve set and how often the various cards will appear. Two, because of the way that we determine draws, even if someone’s done the fiddly maths and worked out exactly what will happen, the effects are still only approximate.[/color]

Just going to say that, while I have used non-standard Distribution for some cards, it’s not a major issue for me if the functionality is removed. It’s nice to have, though.

Thanks for the reply, Alexis. I’ll take the risk of keeping things as they are for now.

(And, yes, I did do some fiddly maths. But it was the kind of maths which ends with a shrug of the shoulders, and a verdict that it’s “close enough”.)