Distinctly un-savaged dreams

Has anyone had the Correspondence savage their dreams in the past couple weeks? I’m trying to work my Scholar up for an eventual career change but the card refuses to pop-- no one I’ve talked to seems to have seen it at all lately either.[li]

Has anyone here seen it?

I haven’t seen it at all lately.

Me neither.

It has not appeared for me for over 500 card flips.

I haven’t seen it lately either. It may just be bad luck, though; I am inclined to remember a situation where I waited nigh-on a quarter of a year to draw a certain card.

Yeah, it’s why I’m asking around. It could easily be RNG but they’ve been tweaking cards around and Savages isn’t exactly well-loved. Was wondering if maybe the conditions had changed or something.

My thought too, Neongrey. Maybe it locks at Scholar <X> now. I’m at 8.

I assume you all have Nightmares 1+? That’s a requirement for the card, at least.

Same here. And I’ve had my nightmares at least 5 for most of the past 2 weeks.[li]
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I have had Nightmares 1+ the vast majority of the time.


Just checked my twitter and last time I used this to invite a friend from the surface was 8 Dec and I normally have at least Nightmares 1.

I too haven’t seen this card in a long time, and it is a rare occasion indeed when I’m untroubled by nightmares of some sort. Has this card been removed or locked at a lower Scholar of the Correspondence? I’m at 6, I think.

I used to get that card 2-3 times a day, and I haven’t seen for a while now. So it’s locked I guess. Might it be connected to scraps-farming the great minds on the Surface?

I haven’t seen it in a while either. However, note that it will not give you a boost if your Scholar of the Correspondence is more than 9.

But it was useful for getting scraps once you got to Scholar of the Correspondence 10. Especially as we now have a use for those 3200 scrap items it is a shame that it seems to have disappeared.

But the option to get scraps was kind of a cheat.
I guess it would be good if it only appeared when your Scholar of the Correspondence is less than 10. After that your mind is alien enough not to be bothered)

Personally I always liked the card. It’s just that at 10 it became useless but still appeared.
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Yeah but you only need 10 to make Correspondent, and there’s not actually a lot of convenient ways to get your Scholar up as far as I can tell.

God bless the RNG, it blesses and curses on a whim.

So if I want to raise Scholar from 8 to 10, what are my options?

[quote=Dr. Hieronymous Alloy]So if I want to raise Scholar from 8 to 10, what are my options?[/quote]Answers might be found in another thread.