Discovering Secluded Addresses

I’ve tried to start gathering Notability now that it’s easier to keep, but my salon’s favours require Secluded Addresses. I’ve easily been able to acquire the other supplies and have had no need for these hidden homes until recently, as I had a small stockpile. But now, I am in need of them again, and I can’t figure out where to get or make any. Is there somewhere to grind Secluded Addresses?

Mr Page’s store at the entryway to the Labyrinth, I believe, is where you’ll want to start.

Have you finished the encounter with the big rat? If not, the preparation for the final conflict has an option to build Running Battle that requires a modest Society score, but doesn’t consume it, turning one action into 3CP of Running Battle and 3 Secluded Addresses. You can farm that for the addresses and cash in the Running Battle at Wolfstack versus Black Ribboners or other such interests.