Disappearing Bazaar Permits?

My dear gentlewomen & gentlemen and gentle…others,[li]

Are Bazaar Permits expiring items, perhaps with Time the Healer, or upon a revisit to New Newgate or banishment to the Tomb-Colonies? I ask, because I’m quite sure I’ve stolen at least one, possibly two, from the offices of Baseborn and Fowlingpiece, but each time they’ve disappeared from my inventory after an indefinite period of time, prior to any opportunity to actually use them, if I recall correctly (although my attempts to become a PoSI are a hazy laudanum-blur). Perhaps I have been encountering a bug, or perhaps I’ve managed to misplace my memories in the Mirror-Marches, but I thought I would poll the populace first. Thank you for any assistance!

Bazaar Permits definitely don’t expire, but I’ve had some “go missing” before only to realize that I spent them on something. They’re used up in the process of getting a number of items that open up around when you become a POSI: to get a Velocipede, a Clay Sedan Chair, to start acquiring a ship, to open an Orphanage, etc. If you’ve done any of those things, that might be where you Permit or two went.

Ah, yes, that dratted velocipede. I had forgotten.

If this happens again, though, would one consider it a bug?