Disagree with rising soul find price

Hello. Sorry if this thread seems like I’m moaning, but I will start off by saying that I love this game and the work done on it.

Having said that, I think the fact that the fate price of regaining your soul going up by 1 fate each purchase is unfair.

Let’s ignore the fact that you are purchasing possibly every time for this one storylet. I take no issue there, though I’d like it to be permanently unlocked or have that as a option. My main concern is that the fate cost goes up each time. So the first time you use it you use up 15 fate. But the SECOND time you use it, you are paying even more fate for content you have already seen and used, rather then a static flat 15.

Now, I get that there does have to be some sort of detriment, to prevent people from paying fate to get their soul farm Diamonds, but I don’t think a Fate raise each time is the way to do it.

What do you think?

(Note: I may be 100% biased due to selling my soul.)

I think it’s working as intended. Either you spend money to guarantee the swift return of your soul, or you wait until the RNG decides to return it. If you try to abuse the Fate method the game will make it steadily more expensive. I think that’s fair.

Not a soul seller so I don’t care, but maybe there needs to be a ingame message notifying the player that as you gain Known for Metaphysical Caprice, the fate price increases for retrieving your soul?

Or putting that in the quality description.

I think it’s not only fair, it makes a lot of sense.
The more you sell your soul, the more threadbare it gets. It gets harder and harder to track down with a simple twist of Fate.

Frankly, having a soul isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It doesn’t really lock you out of any appreciable content.
There’s no rush to get your soul back unless it’s just a personal decision.
Frankly, I can’t see a reason to see your soul more than twice, much less to pay Fate to get it back twice.
I don’t think a $0.25 cent tariff on multiple soul recovery is outlandish. In fact, if it cuts back on soul farming, I’m all in favor of it.

Well, Fate is obviously different than the other forms of currency in the game.

I think a better approach would be to have a flat Fate cost, but with other materials cost rising rapidly as Known for Metaphysical Caprice rises (similar to how the cost to increase Scholar of the Correspondence increases dramatically in the higher levels).

I have never sold my soul, but I think it seems fair enough - soullessness is easy enough to avoid, and doubly so, I imagine, once you know the pitfalls.

To paraphrase Mr Wilde, To lose one soul may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose two looks like carelessness.

Carelessness frequently carries a cost, as I’ve found to my detriment - and if it’s not carelessness that motivates the sale, but avarice, then it makes sense that a premium is exacted. As it’s a Fate transaction, I can see why Fate was the most logical way to do it (and, I’m guessing, the easiest to implement). (Not that the idea of a ‘Known for Metaphysical Caprice’ quality does not hold a certain appeal…)
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Is this a recent change? If it is, then it is all the more important to let players know the price will rise, because real money are involved.

Nothing particularly wrong with punishing players to discourage constant soul selling, but it is probably important to put in warning at the time of both the start and the end of the search.

Being unable to afford searching for your soul as a consequence can really make an impression on the player, but it could get ugly if real money is the sole factor involved and it hits players without any warning signs beforehand.

Wait, you can get your soul back without Fate? How?

Bundle of Oddities value 200 gives you your soul back. There are a few options that work for this purpose, though it will probably take a while. The best one is &quotThe Student Body&quot in the university, though if you’re past that then One’s Public is probably your best bet. If you draw cards in Wolfstack Docks you can also try Crying his Wares from the Wolfstack in the Fog card. Every option there aside from the Red Velvet Gown gives a Bundle of Oddities.

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Excellent, thank you!