Dining at Dante's and Making Waves

I’m a bit confused as to how the Making Waves transfer from a Dinner at Dante’s Grill works. I’ve twice invited someone, and twice the numbers don’t seem to add up.

The first invitation took the recipient from 15 to around 6 making waves, but only boosted me from 4 to 9. A while later, I sent an invitation that completely drained someone from 11 MW to 0, but was only boosted from that 9 to 10. From the language of the invite (the word ‘drain’ seemingly implying a 1-1 relationship) and what I can read online, it appears that the MW lost is supposed to translate into an equal MW gained, but my experience seems to be to the contrary.

Can any of you fine gentlepersons shed some light on this?

according to the wiki, it is grossly unprofitable- you gain CP equal to the MW LEVEL of the victim! this may be worthwhile, but usually is only because of the menace reductions and how cash is easier to come by than, say, parabola-linen. IDK if this is right, but if it is…

on the other hand, if your results are accurate, it isn’t right- from 4-9= (at least) 5+6+7+8 which is more than 15 cp. maybe the 3 points drain for 1 benefit rule of thumb is accurate, or something else?
edited by Grenem on 4/30/2015
edited by Grenem on 4/30/2015

My word, I had no idea! You have my thanks, Grenem; you’ve saved me quite a pence and some lucky soul their Making Waves.

I found it isn’t right if your numbers are- should have fact checked first, sorry. maybe the rule of 3 points drain to 1 point benefit is right?

There may have been some MW gain that got mixed in with the first one without being correctly accounted for; it was not until afterwards I began to track the numbers out of suspicion.

The level-> CP mechanism certainly explains the second event quite well.
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