Digging in to the Velocipede Squad

I know the fate-locked Velocipede Squad continuation gets a pretty bad rap. It’s big reward is front-loaded, which doesn’t leave you much to look forward to, it’s grindy, and one can potentially be locked out of one of the end-game grinding options without meaning to. That being said, I really enjoyed the route they took with the story.

[spoiler]I chose to reform the Squad, and I thought the mechanics of that choice were a masterful reflection of the dilemmas that real life reformers face. It’s a lot of hard work beating your head against the wall without any assurance of success or any kind of reward or approbation even if you do succeed. It was exactly the path my character would choose, consequences be damned, and in the end it allowed me to feel as though he had brought about a positive change in London even if no one besides him and the Chief Constable would ever know the role he played. Even though I didn’t get any kind of unique reward or opportunity card out of the end, even though I sunk dozens of actions for barely any echoes, I still feel satisfied.

As a nice side benefit, it put my Power in Waiting quality back to The Conscience of the Empire after it had gotten switched by trying to talk the Bishop of Southwark out of invading Hell without having to pick up any of the Turncoat quality.[/spoiler]
edited by Kaigen on 6/13/2015

[spoiler]In retrospect, I feel like I got caught up in the story and not notice the bigger choice there - it is not a three-way split of what do you want to do about the squad, it is the earlier binary choice of yes or no.

Having dismantle the squad and reform the squad leading into identical storylets kinda add to the confusion though. Although I am speaking from faulty memory here.[/spoiler]
edited by Estelle Knoht on 6/13/2015

I went into the story knowing about the binary outcomes, so I got the impression that the Reform option was there simply to demonstrate why that isn’t possible. If it wasn’t there we would be wondering why we didn’t try to fix the Squad ourselves.

It is less damaging nowadays too, given that better sources of wines are now available.

…I should probably update the chart again. I kind of forgot about the binary choice!