Difficulties with going to zee

(possible spoilers)

I have endeavored with much time and effort to garner myself a ship. I have become as Astute and Watchful as any Fallen Londoner may be. I wish to go to Zee, but I am still thwarted by the sheer difficulty of it.

In other words I have maxed my watchfulness to 130 and have items adding another +14 but I’m still sitting at “an almost impossible challenge for your Watchful quality.” Does anyone know how high it needs to be? I can get a few items to add another +3-5. Does this mean I need to undertake the task of getting an Overgoat?

Failure does not prevent you from going to zee, only from earning a small gift. The check is high enough that you are not expected to pass it.

Although it is possible for the more Watchful players to pass it. I believe that you require something in the vicinity of 150.

All it gets you is 1 echo worth of stuff, and it’s not unique. 2 zee-stories, I think?

Yep. That’s it. If you can get it then sure - grab it - but if you can’t, you’re not really missing out.