Did anyone else's TtH and Snowbound fail to arrive

Just wondering if mine was the only not to show up on it’s normal day.


Could be related to this?

Although I did see someone else post that it had showed up for them. Maybe give it a day or so, and if it still hasn’t appeared, contact support. :-)

My TtH arrived successfully on Monday, but Snowbound! never popped up. Perhaps it’s finished for now?

My TtH only arrived with snowbound twice :( so few pails.

I am that &quotsomebody,&quot and Snowbound! came on Thursday, and apparently Friday as well, so I presume they re-started it for those who didn’t get it earlier.
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The last time I received Snowbound was last Monday (on the 21st), so they surely didn’t restart anything for people who didn’t get their pail…
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[quote=maleclypse]Just wondering if mine was the only not to show up on it’s normal day.

If your Time the Healer date occurred on Dec 30 or later and you didn’t get Snowbound, let support know about it to sort it out. support@failbettergames.com They will be slower than usual due to holiday break, but they plan to be in full swing by Jan 4. From what is known to me, Snowbound temporarily retired to lower the things Support needs to do while on break from Dec 26-Dec 29. It returned on Dec 30 onwards from what I can gather with respect to Time the Healer. It has stayed that way even on Jan 1 from what I read on this thread. I hope this helps you understand it a bit more now. Although, timezones will play a role with regards to how anyone perceives the exact dates. I have a post about Snowbound and Christmas Cards on the Guide thread to help try to keep track of how things have been scheduled thus far here: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic21014-christmas-in-the-neath-a-guide.aspx?Page=20#post124103
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