Ostentatious ones, specifically. I managed to get enough of the big ones to create the bejeweled lenses for my zubmarine, but I’m not sure what the best way to get Ostentatious ones is, and I need another 40.

I could obviously just keep doing thieves caches (which is where the magnificent ones came from) or just buy them at the sidestreets, but that seems really slow and costly in the latter case and like a lot of effort to get them from thieves caches (albeit more profitable, and more interesting)

I could also probably just go work on whirrng contraptions some more and hope opportunity cards give them, too.

So anyway wondering if anyone has a better method of gettng them.

You could use the Implausible Penance card to see a Knight of the Underworld. It’ll give you 6 Ostentatious Diamonds each time, and you can continue going on expeditions or work on your Whirring Contraptions while you’re waiting for the card to turn up.

If you purchase a Malevolent Monkey from the Bazaar, its Opportunity Card has an option (Try to cure him with bribery) that pays out 2 Ostentatious Diamonds at the cost of 50 Deep Amber. Just another option. And though it is supposedly an infrequent draw, I’ve run into that Honey-Addled Monkey at LEAST four times in the last week, which is irritating, especially since it’s a non-discardable Opp Card.

Here’s a different question. Is it possible to obtain a Fabulous Diamond in any way other than by selling your soul?

Yep! It’ll cost 40 Fate, though.

You can get a fabulous diamond in another way, but it is fate locked, and requires a fair bit of preparatory grinding besides. PM me if you want details.

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Now the question is, if we sell our soul for a fabulous diamond, is there a way to take a hammer to it to turn it into a bunch of ostentatious diamonds :P

Nope, sorry. Just magnificent ones.