Devil's off with my soul

So, I’ve raised my intimacy with devil’s quality high enough for a certain devil to come asking for my soul. I was going to reject but after a stupid misclick and failing a luck challenge however, I am left soulless.

I’ve heard you can get your soul back by fishing with the urchins but I’ve yet to recover it…
Is there any other way to do so without spending fate?

No that doesn’t work. I think you will be stuck robbing people at sea and it speaking to your public via cards and a one in 200-300 chance to get your soul back. Effectively I think you need to pay fate. I’m right there with you.

Damn, I’ve spent a week just robbing innocent bystanders then.
Are there specific locations for the cards, such as Veilgarden, because I haven’t drawn one of those in a while…

You can get the Zee one pretty frequently if you have a ship and decide to tread waters a bit. I think it’ll raise Suspicion, but aside from that it’s a pretty good option.

One’s Public shows up with 69+ Persuasive, and you can draw it anywhere.

oh alright, i’ll try that.
Thanks for the answers quq

Best of luck! It will probably take a while, but it’s definitely possible. There’s also the Ragman’s Barge from the Wolfstack in the Fog card to try out. I think any option except the Red Stained Dress can give the correct value.

To be specific, your bundle of oddities needs to have a value of 200 in order to get your soul back. At best, using One’s Public will give you a 0.5% chance of rolling a 200 and getting your soul back. Like others have already said, it’s going to take a while.

Good luck.

I’m confused - the Capering Relicker regularly seems prepared to offer me my soul back. I need to make a lot of factional choices before I draw the card, and I always end up taking the Visions, but there’s always an option - “I only put it down for a second,” or something like that.

He doesn’t actually have your soul, alas.

I wish that option was worded differently, I wouldn’t have spoken to those Devils if I knew how improbable gettin it back would be.

Doesn’t calling in favours with the urchins in the Flit also reward you with an Opening a Bundle of Oddities quality of 215? At least, that’s what the wiki says. It’s far from quick or practical, but if you’re already grinding for the card then it couldn’t hurt to kill two birds with one stone.

On the bright side, there’s no major game changers involved with selling one’s soul. All it does is keep you out of a few minor options (mostly involving Summerset in the University storyline, though there are related options for the spiritually-deficient), give you a new option with the Capering Relicker with a decent payout, and allow you to purchase A Sanctum at the Brass Embassy during Christmas time should you have a Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre quality of 8 and a Nobility of 3. Overall, selling your soul is mainly a roleplaying element that doesn’t drastically affect gameplay, though that doesn’t help much if you’re bothered from the idea of trotting around London with a part of yourself missing. Good luck!
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Is the ‘Student body’ storylet at the university still a viable way to get it back?

Hasn’t worked for me but it’s hard to say conclusively. I’ve gotten a pile of cats but nothing 200-204. If anyone gets something lethal from it then it’s still good and id love to know that.

The wiki says that it goes up to 204, but I can’t speak from any recent first-hand account.
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