Devils and Life Goals

Hello old Chap/Madame/Squid person/Masked horror. I am quite at a lost what to do with myself I am focusing on Persuasion and Watchful but of course I suppose I need to use my other skills too can’t play with the two alone can I?

I am having difficulty getting passed the next part of my Life Desire The Game. I’m at the Topsy King and everytime I do it I just get nowhere am I clicking wrong thing? Also those books my word! I can’t for the life of me get it again. Can anyone recommend a method? Also I am enthralled with those handsome Devils anyway to get to know them better? I have I think like 15… Ranking in knowing them?

You will need to focus on the other skills eventually or pay fate to become a Person of Some Importance. Becoming a Person of Some Importance opens up a lot of stories and new areas.

If you want to get to know the devils better I would suggest increasing your Connected to: Hell quality by meeting some devils in the Big Top at Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival to get to know them. Once or if you already have a high enough relationship with them that you can’t use the Big Top anymore, you can either go to the flit and sell secrets to the Brass Embassy or you can trade in a large quantity of souls (500 per action) for amanita sherry, although that way is a bit more of grind it is a way of getting brilliant souls if you don’t have any connections with spirifers.

Ah thanks and what do I do to get to the Flit?

You have to go to your lodgings and either pay 1200 Moon Pearls or complete a shadowy challenge if you have 50 shadowy. Just so you know ahead of time the Flit is mainly a shadowy area, when it comes to skills.
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I see I got the Flit… Um Are Story Cards themed after what area your in with some generics thrown in?

There are also cards based on things you have done in the past, as well as cards based on your current stats.

Ah thanks for advice I’ll see what I can do to get what I want.