Dev Question: (Rare) Success roll Code

Hope a dev is willing to answer this. I’m very interested what the (rare) success roll code looks like, under the bonnet of FL. There are just so many ways of going about this and I am burning with curiosity to see how you guys went about it. In fact, lest I know soon, I fear my hair will catch fire.

I do know FL is not Open Source, but I hope just a few snippets of a particular function/routine will be ok to share with the community.

I think you’re extremely unlikely to get this - if only because it’ll provoke a host of posts with different levels of coding experience debating why or why not it isn’t the best way to do it (off-ish topic, gets flamey, tedious to moderate). It’s happened before, I just can’t find the link to hand.

Firey hair for you.
edited by babelfishwars on 8/19/2014

It is not my intent to instigate any kind of public debate on the actual code since this is not an Open Source project.

Also, it is not my experience from either Modding or Open Source project forums for people to become discourteous over coding choices/preferences. That’s just lame and it surprises me that this has happened here -of all places.

Hopefully I will get some kind of response.

Otherwise, a Pyrific Coiffure for me it is…

Oh, it’s very you!

Note to self: Do NOT light up my pipe again next to my wife when she is applying hairspray.
Unless you actually want a divorce.