Detective Seeking Flatmate

You come across a advertisement in the classifieds section of the paper.

Wanted: Private detective seeking flatmate willing to share an apartment on lady ones road. Please send letters to the address provided.

OOC: Hello fellow Londoners! I’ve been playing solo for a little while, and have become lonely of late. I desire some in game RP partners, if possible. Kane operates under the name of Doordox. Send him a letter or leave a comment here if interested.
edited by Erazmus Kane on 5/13/2015

I’m always keen for a bit of RP, would this be in game or in this forum?

Either, preferably some in game but we can definetley have a bit of fun on here

I am always game delicious friends.

Fantastic. Send Doordox a letter or shall I start a thread here?

I shall send one of the various urchins on my roof with a letter