I wasn’t sure who to ask but figured here was as good as any. I’m going to be going on deployment soon and obviously won’t be able to play, If I maintain my exceptional friend status while I’m gone will I be able to retroactively play the monthly stories that I miss?

The way monthly stories work is the first action of the story takes place in the House of Chimes then moves elsewhere. To keep a story after it’s month passes, you have to play at least that far. If you can do two actions a month, and at least start the story to move it out of the house of chimes, then yes you can keep those stories and play them retroactively. If however, you are completely unable to access a computer during those months, and cannot start the story while away, then you will not be able to retroactively play the monthly stories you miss. Starting the story is the only way in which the game tracks you have ever been eligible to unlock it (there is no month/year tracking for EF). If that makes sense.
edited by NiteBrite on 7/24/2015

I would also recommend you drop the devs a line at and explain your situation just in case.
I’m sure they will be more than accommodating in this situation.

And thank you for your service!