Delicious for a lapsed visitor?

I once again find myself in the deep and delicious world of the 'Neath, but I have been away for some time. I would dearly appreciate a few short tips to reacquaint myself, particularly regarding this time of year, the Sacks (s?) visits, and what to do with these pails of…stuff I seem to be accumulating. prods them

In days past I was not unfamiliar with these streets, but alas, time (and possibly irrigo) have swept my memories away.

On the nuts-and-bolts side, I am a PoSI, Extraordinary Mind (ironically enough), a Correspondent, and all of my stats are up past 170-200ish.

I’ve reached 3 Sacks visits in this event, but no more seem to be turning up in my deck. Is it too late to collect the rest? Did I miss them? And what is the best use of this…slush? Should I eat it? Examine it? Write with it?

Finally, I have just flipped a card with a snowflake on it. I’m happy to take a fate-locked option, but which one? I am most closely aligned with Hell, is that likely to benefit/hinder me somewhere down the path?

ANYWAY, sorry, lots of questions. Memory like a sieve, sadly.

tl;dr I’ve been away for a while, I’m lost, I don’t want to waste fate on something that won’t benefit me, help. :p
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Pails of snow can be used to increase your Taste of Lacre quality which can be spent when Penstock’s Wicket opens sometime around January 6. As to what to do with them that depends on your Taste of Lacre level, if it is 5 or lower I would examine but if it is it any higher is wasteful. As for the other options I believe feeding it to a rat or monkey has a chance of getting a Dark-Carapaced Crustacean; eating it won’t increase your Taste of Lacre above 3 but does give a 2.5 echo item and some wounds; as a Correspondent writing a monograph can increase your Scholar of the Correspondent up to 15.

As for the Fate-locked story I think this one is worth it as it opens new options on the Sacks cards depending on which faction you choose, the 12 fate options will all provide a 312.50 echo item as well and possibly other benefits along the way. It will not affect your closest to Hell.

Edit link to rewards for the Fate Locked story I was a candle
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EDIT: The Sackses will return after you’ve made your choice on the Snowflake card (&quotWhat’s the angle?&quot).

You’ll want to increase Putting the pieces together: The Taste of Lacre as much as possible. Best check out the wiki or this thread about which options do what.

No, it won’t. All the Fate-locked Investigating Lacre storylets are absolutely delicious, so I’d just recommend choosing whichever seems most interesting to you/most fitting for your character. If you want to make your decision based on which reward you’ll get, take a peek here…
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Thank you kindly for the information :) Much appreciated!