Defender of the Truth

Hello there, fellow Londoners. I am at a loss as to how to gain the &quotDefender of the Truth&quot quality. I am planning to expose the Masters’ plan at the end of the Affair of the Box, so I started the presses to run my newspaper, and found out I needed this particular quality. The second time I did a number of interviews and reserach so as to accumulate more meritorious copies (136 if I recall correctly - 89 from interviews, the rest in the newspaper storylet in Spite). It still won’t let me print the particular edition. What am I missing?

You need to publish an edition brimming with truth and wisdom to gain the Defender of Truth quality.

Oh, so I had to publish one of these first, and then run the presses a second time to publish the special edition? Ouch… at least the Journals of Infamy sell well! Thank you for your help!

After all you need a good reputation before you can start exposing people.