Default landing page is blank.

Hi! I’m new, and I’m running into an inexplicable problem.

I followed the quickstart guide and created a storylet in my Always deck. The guide (and the wiki, and the resource manual) all say/suggest that when I create a new character, the very next page I see should be my &quothome&quot page, where there should be a pinned card that I can click.

Instead, I have a sidebar (with my name, # of actions, items tab, etc.), a header (that says starter area), and a blank space where my pinned card should be. I can play the storylet from the editor’s window by clicking the &quotplay this storylet&quot button, but I can’t get the storylet to show up as a card in my starting area.

I’ve only seen one person on the forums run into this problem. I tried the solutions in that thread, but they didn’t work (kill the character off, remove the Key of Dreams, add the Key of Dreams). I’m at an absolute stand still and am so frustrated I could honestly cry. If you know anything, please help.

edited by Misty S. Boyer on 6/24/2013

Nevermind. I created a whole new world with the exact same settings, and the pinned cards show up in the new world. I had two other people compare the worlds side-by-side just to make sure that I wasn’t imagining things. Exact. Same. Settings. but one world simply doesn’t work. More than that, I get different results on page refresh. Sometimes, the same page is blank. Then, without making ANY changes to anything, refreshing the page lands me IN a storylet.

I love Fallen London, and this idea is great in concept, but the UI is way too fragile if you can break your entire world in a way that can’t be identified, repaired, or undone. What if this happens to a polished, monetized with hundreds of storylets?

Please could you submit a bug report?

I figured out what the problem was!

If you create a new storylet, but you don’t give it a title for some reason (like, your browser crashed before you had the chance to), then that storylet hangs around, completely invisible. It doesn’t show up with the rest of your storylets.

You can tell if you have one of these invisible storylets by assigning tags to all of your visible storylets. If the ‘uncategorized tags’ section remains on your storylets page, with nothing but a blank spot under it, that means that you have one or more invisible storylets that were created but never given a title for some reason.

The way that I fixed this problem was through the “recent edits” panel. I clicked on every recent edit that was made, and if it led to a storylet that had no title, I gave that storylet a title.

All of this may or may not be a bug, depending on whether or not ALL edits remain in the “Recent Edits” section or if that section only tracks the last X number of recent edits. Because if any of the untitled storylets ever disappear from the Recently Edited area, then there’s really no way for the user to ever fix them.

I hope that helps someone!