Deep. Dark. Marvellous.

Someone’s bound to post this sooner or later, so I might as well do it:

DDM is a lovely little repository of “quotes from and images reminiscent of the subterranean-Victorian world of Echo Bazaar.” It’s things from the Surface and imagined things that look as though they could fit into our Fallen London.

That Laudanum looks fantastically marvelous, and I am really itching to just kind of grab it and drink it…

And how did I know that Namesake would show up? :)

Aw, you guys. toes the ground And I still have something like 500 images I want to recaption and reblog. >:D

So many more?! Then I will sit here consumed with patient impatient excitement for the rest of the evening.

A quiet thumbs-up from the Failbetter team for DDM as well. We drop by occasionally and we’re glad it’s there.

[Constantly impressed by the plethora of material that makes it’s way through this tumblr. Please keep up the fantastic work on this!]

Dear lord this is cool. bookmarks and gets ready to link every EZ person she knows

Your Boxing Day present is reblogs~!