Deep Amber location?

I have the faintest memory of where to obtain this item. I think I have to mug a Rubberyman? Can anyone tell me where else I might acquire it? I hate waiting for cards? I do have Flute Street BTW.[li]

Merrigans Exchange does a good price on deep amber.

If you assist jasper in burning down businesses in Mahogany Hall, you get a fairly decent number of them.

Oh, you probably meant large quantities of it. I’m not thinking right, haha, damn. But yeah, burning down stuff and gambling for it in Spite(?) are probably the best options.

Quite a few cards give decent chunks, though! Helping the deviless seduce a rubbery man, gambling with the Functionary, and I guess if you’re desperate you can probably trade way too much Rubbery Man connection for some somewhere.

Taking part in a conjuring act in Mahogany Hall gives out ~50 Deep Amber plus ~50 Silk Scraps per action. This might be a quick and reliable way to grind Deep Amber if you are shadowy enough.