Decent 100+ Dangerous Storylets?

My Dangerous is currently 120. I am getting terribly frustrated by trying to raise it, and only having 1CP storylets available at Watchmakers Hill and the Docks.

Where can I go and what can I do to get some REAL change happening?

At present, my best option seems to be going through the Department of Menace Eradication > Contract: A Worryingly Large Rat storyline again and again and AGAIN, so I can at least work towards getting Rats for the Labyrinth of the Tigers pass.

You pretty much just answered your own question - get some rats and go to the Labyrinth of Tigers.

But it is so BORING. Aren’t there any other options?

Well, I don’t know whether that’s the most efficient way to earn rats. But, for other Dangerous paths, let me think… Wilmot’s End has Dangerous options, as does the War of Assassins. The Velocipede Squad is highly Dangerous. But the Labyrinth is probably your next step - just get the required bag of rats however you can (steal them in Spite; buy them at the Bazaar; whatever works) and start on the many, many stories there.

If you become a rat-catcher, the rats will take care of themselves. Or at least, appear in your inventory en masse, and on strings.

I may try the War of Assassins and Velocipede Squad… A little bell in the back of my head suggests I can get to those through my Lodgings.

@Flyte: Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m already an Author, and don’t want to have to grind up the Short Story for that again.

Or we can send just send you some rats to hellp you get access to the Labyrinth:)

I’ve got the commotion card at the moment so I’ll send some your way.

If you want to soley grind Dangerous, you could spar with others and use the Lessons learned at your Lodgings. 5 lessons nets you 1-60 CP, as well as 1 CP in two other stats that I can’t remember right now. You might want to use a Talkative Rat and some other Dangerous-reducing items to increase your chances of losing more and getting more Lessons, as well.

Fairly early on in the Labyrinth story is a storylet that gives you enough rats to buy access. You can use the day ticket option from the card and get to that point in the story.