December Exceptional Story: The Green King

Honestly not at all. They tell you in the text what things she values before you make any of those choices; most obviously her voracious appetite and the fact that if you mimic it you get your first point of regard, but every other decision just requires you to mirror her behavior. I think that part was done quite well.

Different endings I think, what happened in your game??

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Ah let me try to clarify, I do agree it’s pretty well-foreshadowed, it’s just that from what I’ve seen in this community most FL players are generally very reluctant to backstab and murder when it comes to ES NPCs. Not all. I know I’m an exception, for one. But most.

Also I miss being able to just link my journal to my posts as a signature, but it goes from here to the page after.

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Oh huh! So that’s how it goes if you do it that way!

I didn’t kill any NPCs in this one


until the end

, there’s enough other ways to get points that everyone can do it pretty easily I think :)

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Another tedious one that made me question my Exceptional Friendship, I’m sad to say.

I was so excited after The Bloody Wallpaper, thinking we were heading into a golden age of ESes. Instead we’ve had a couple of pretty forgettable ones, and two that I found so poor and unengaging that I gave up on them entirely, part-way through.

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Okay, another annoyance that I have with this story. I played through it again with an alt, and I’m extremely confused by what happened when I picked the “This is not a wise choice” choice.

So I get some flavor text with roots burrowing into my flesh, and absolutely no mechanical consequences, apparently. And then the story proceeds to the same “kill the King or let him live” choice you’d normally get, and the rest of the story is absolutely identical to what would have happened if you had picked the other option.

What gives?? Even if there’s no mechanical consequences for picking the “unwise” choice (which I consider a misuse of the ingame instructions text all on its own), the story doesn’t recognize that I did that to myself and doesn’t explain how I extricated myself from that situation. Why do I suddenly have the choice to kill or spare the King if my body is currently pierced with roots and the six cultists are coming to drink fluids out of me?

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Yeah the more I hear about this one the more of a miss it’s been for me.

As plynkes said, The Bloody Wallpaper was so so good, and I felt like Stripes of Wrath was the best story I’ve personally played in this game! But the ES’s are definitely pretty spotty in quality the past few months.

I still liked Lady Jane though.

In the past, like say in a certain ES that allowed you to go past the gates of Hell itself or a different one where you could fly up a giant monster’s mouth on a giant bat’s back to glimpse the Prester’s dining table, there were at least some mechanical consequences. Nightmares and Wounds, from what I remember. But to be quite honest, from what I remember even when written with more…shall we say, impact choices like this are generally the RIGHT ones because they give you a little extra lore-and nothing, to my memory, that locks you into a “bad end”.

To quote the old Dwarf Fortress principle, losing is fun.


Seeing this, I feel like I have to point out that I like James Chew’s work in general. :wink:

I played this story stretched out over several weeks, taking a long time mulling over some choices. In the end, I’m pleased with the way the story went for me. If some people feel that certain unwise choices haven’t been punishing enough, however, Failbetter might want to take note of that.

I’m very happy I finally got to visit Kingeater’s Castle in Fallen London! Ever since playing Sunless Sea all those years ago, I wanted to know more about that place.

Still, the ultimate question remains: who is the Kingeater? My current theory is that he’s the part of Salt that Salt left behind before going East. Salt’s Hunger, so to speak. Salt, a Hungry and Melancholy Monarch, had to make a sacrifice, and they chose to sacrifice their Hunger. Had they made another choice, Kingeater’s would be a very different place…

The choice is very reminiscent of the question you must ask before going North… and there, of course, is a third choice, once again related to Salt. I sometimes feel like anywhere you go in the Neath, you find traces of Salt. They sure left their mark on the place before wandering off wherever.

There is another possibility, of course: that the Kingeater is Salt, stuck in a well forever as eternal punishment for trying to go East. :scream: