Debate in the Neath?

With the Absurd Rogue’s recent and ongoing courtroom vortex happening, I’m wondering if there are neathy topics we could have debates on. You know, British Parliamentary debate on a subject, like why we tolerate the Calender council. We could change up some rules to fit the forum aspect, like the amount of speakers. Well, just a thought.
Oh, my, I’d forgotten about the Election! Surely, there will be fuel for debate!
edited by Dom Scorp on 6/23/2016

I was thinking of something more formalised, but I suppose thst wasn’t going to work. Thank you.

The Inflammatory Salon is for debate, but yeah, it’s not formal. There’s more yelling, joking, back-patting, hanky-passing, and interludes for snacking than a formal debate, I imagine.

It would work, if done with heavy role-playing rather than personal opinion. No harm in starting a new thread and seeing if it works out.[/quote]
That does sound better.