Dealing with suspicion action in The Flit

So I may have accrued some unwanted attention from the authorities. So I resolved myself to visiting the Topsy King with a present to his liking. However it appears that I have forgotten how to find him. Is it possible that I have gained such knowledge of the shadows that there is no room in my head for such trivial knowledge, or is the City acting strangely again? Oh dear, it appears they’ve caught onto my trail again. A response would be positively delightful. Despite their lack of security, it’s always embarrassing when people of our caliber end up in New Newgate Prison.

Yep, with high enough shadowy that option disappears (though it’s kind of crappy either way). An option is to either get imprisoned, or doing the social action for 1.5 cp loss on average.

The Talkative Rat is also a viable option, to lower your Shadowy to get back in with him.[li]