Day 9: Another knock [Announcement of Mr Tears]

Step aside Eaten, for there is a wing colder still than your presence tonight.

This is the official announcement of an estimated two year project that has begun back in April of last year. Through curiosity alone I decided to play Creator for a day or two, and have begun a large acquisition of vials full of tears. The idea: to create a Noman that will last an entire year; old enough to see its birthday. With the help of newly acquired supporters it was estimated that, to bring a Noman to such power, one would need 500 vials of Tears (3.500 FC airag, 17.500 cellars of wine), and the overall estimated time of the completion of the longest project London has ever seen would be around 5 years. Thus the Saint of Tears (profile: Kid Nullman) has started gathering large amounts of Hounds of Heaven 8 months prior to today, planning to gather around 3000 before converting them all into enough wine to fuel the snowy beast.

Sadly, as real life tends to happen, the effort had to be cut to a fifth of its original goal, so the farming of HoH’s has been halted a few weeks prior, at 400. The current goal is then to upconvert all of them into 100 vials of Tears (plus how many more hounds are gonna be necessary to round the number up) and prepare for next Christmas, to create the longest living Noman London has ever witnessed yet: Mr Tears. Praised be.

Rumours of Tears have already whispered through the alleys of London and fell on many ears, so a small ‘cult’ had already been created, with the Saint on top. These people have dedicated a chunk of their time to support the cause with small donations, specifically Tears’ favourite little items: coins from the First City. The donators’ names are scribed down on the Crying List, and will be read by Tears himself when his presence becomes manifested in lacre, until then more coins are gratefully accepted by the prophet.

These are the steps we take to call upon him, and the Drowning Year is closer than ever now that the effort was shortened to fit into the proper frames:

  1. The Gathering (collection of HoH’s)
  2. The Bishop’s Promise (conversion of HoH’s into cellars of wine and broken giants - the current step in the project)
  3. Coalescence (upconversion of all tiers of wines into Vials of Bazaar Tears)
  4. The Summoning (creation of the Melting One, this must happen when the Wicket is open)
  5. The Drowning Year (feeding of the 100 vials to the newly formed Mr Tears, and then seeing how long his presence among us will last)

The support has been plenty so far, and what follows is the Crying List. A collection of names, their donated sum and a short message that goes along with it. This list will not be updated on the forums, but further donations will still be noted in the original, which will then be posted when Mr Tears comes around.

The Crying List:

The Languid Admiral - 750 coins

Lake - 240 coins

Håvard - 150 coins
&quotIt’s less that I want this project to succeed and more that I just can’t stand possessing things I don’t use.&quot

Desirée - 150 coins

Parvorus - 90 coins

Ferall - 90 coins
&quotThough I loathe the selfless acts of kindness that seem to be popular of late, it would hardly look good if I didn’t endure my name was present on at least a few cases here and there. Being known as a miser would be quite stifling after all. - Enclosed is a modest sum, redeemable at the proper sorts of fences. Eternally, Ferall.

The Irrepressible Heiress - 90 coins

Howard - 60 coins
&quotFrom Sir Howard, With love, Cheers&quot

R. J. Frogvarian - 60 coins
&quotFor dear Mr Tears. May he reign for near a year. R.&quot

Charlotte Wiltshire - 60 coins
&quotTell Tears I will come for his life later on, though!&quot

Elizabeth Fairweather - 60 coins
&quotFor the melted Nomen of years past. You will not be forgotten.&quot

Skelepope - 60 coins
&quotAlways happy to help out a fellow of the cloth. Cheers&quot

The Viric Voice - 60 coins
&quotA token of my esteem, in honour of my departed mentor. I’m sure Dv.M would have enjoyed your little experiment.&quot

Acrasia - 60 coins
&quotThere is, among certain circles, a whisper of a rumor of a new Saint of late, and a new dogma of salvation. Little is known, but much is promised, and his followers water the fields with salt and iron. In London, such cultist fanatics are given rise every few years, yet they rise and fall like the waves in the zee. Who can know if this will leave a lasting mark upon the fabric holding society together? Yet it is her way to sow favours here or there, to plant little seeds in fallow earth on the chance that one day, they might sprout to fecund life. It is nothing in the moment to grease a palm here or there, and the small pile of silver coins left in the palm may one day bear fertile fruit.&quot

Karrek - 30 coins
&quotOnce you’re a fully fledged Master put in a good word with Pages for me will you?&quot

Rowley Ruskin - 30 coins
&quotHullo! Hullo! What’s all this then? All these wines, and for what? A snowman? Mr Tears? Ha! Looking forward to it! Should be a lark! Here, have some chump change. Afford yourself a big bucket. I want to keep the stuffs Mr Tears melts into. Want to see if I can get drunk off it. Best of luck! Ciao!&quot

Azure Wolf - 30 coins
&quotThe price of the betrayal of Judas.&quot

The Silver Lady - 30 coins
&quotThe small pouch of coins is left near a mirror. There is a note attached to it, its letters cut from a newspaper and the paper smells faintly of ammonia. It reads: &quotMay your story flourish. From a being of tears for another.&quot

The old man - 30 coins
&quotmy good man take my coins if it will achive this remarcable feat of science the worlds eyes are on you long live your noman&quot

The Avid Perfectionist - 30 coins
&quotFor the Noman’s Perfection.&quot

Lord Misfortune - 30 coins

Praised be Mr Tears! Long is his Drowning Year awaited!
edited by Siegron on 1/2/2020

Ooh, that’s cool! This year I stocked up on way too many supplies and am planning to burn them all and see how long mine can live. It isn’t anywhere near enough for that crazy feat, though.

I unfortunately sold most of my coins just a few days ago, when I was cashing in things to buy cider. I’ll send any spares your way, though!

How are the coins used in this grind? I missed that
edited by Amalgamate on 1/2/2020

[quote=Amalgamate]I unfortunately sold most of my coins just a few days ago, when I was cashing in things to buy cider. I’ll send any spares your way, though!

How are the coins used in this grind? I missed that

edited by Amalgamate on 1/2/2020[/quote]
coins are like rats they can be sold to aid the prosses

Shine on, you crazy diamond. I’m doing Heart’s Desire on my main, but if I get 107+ coins anytime soon I’ll send some over.