Dante's Call

I am looking for people who will accept a Dante’s Call. It allows those to receive it to trade away their Making Waves quality in exchange for a decrease in Wounds and Suspicion. The real catch is in finding people willing to accept… so, any takers?

(Note: Accepting the invitation to dinner at Dante’s Grill requires that you have 1x Free Evening, and are not a POSI.)

I thought that was something to be Considered, rather than a requirement? Even so, its not easy finding such players.

I have no need for these waves. Rid me of them!

Apparently, you DO need to not be a POSI. its telling me you “need qualities,” whatever that means.

Well, there we go… Whenever I get another Free Evening, i’ll send another request out.

Can’t accept need to reject.

o.o can you figure out why you cant accept?

Nope. Wrong place perhaps?

I’ll re-send it, just in case.

EDIT: I dont have a free evening anymore @_@
edited by Daniel Denham on 7/28/2015