Dangerous cap?

Hello. I have been increasing my Dangerous using a certain Fate-locked story. At the time of this writing, I’m currently at 250 base Dangerous, for a total of 310 Dangerous with gear (It would be 314, but I haven’t got the Gleaming Buttons yet).

That being said, I am curious what is the cap on overcapping Dangerous? Or, for that matter, is there a cap at all? I’m aware that NiteBrite got her Dangerous to 280. Is that the highest base Dangerous possible?

I heard they put a cap into flint because of nitebrite, but I’m not sure where the cap is.

I heard about it too, but never anything as concrete as an official announcement. I would figure out myself, but I haven’t the money to do so, and I still need to build my Persuasive back up from the past several visits to the Elder Continent.

They changes things basically every week :P. They don’t announce things unless its fairly major.