Dabbling in the Great Game

[color=#C2B280]We’ve just added some new content to Veilgarden, balanced for players with Persuasive 21 to 30. It’s intended to introduce new players to the Great Game and some of the major players. It reworks and replaces some existing content, like the Tattooed Courier storyline, and includes some other content that’s completely new.

If you’re a veteran of the Game, it won’t take you very long or yield much profit. But perhaps you’ll be interested in the lore it contains – on the cult of St Joshua and the mysterious order of Midnighters, and, here and there, a little about the Bazaar’s intentions and the Neath’s other empires – or indeed Mr Gardiner’s fine, fine words.

If you find any bugs or typos, please let us know at support@failbettergames.com. And, as always, we’d welcome feedback, either here on the forums or by email to feedback@failbettergames.com.[/color]


Oooh - a new source of direful reflections. A reliable one that uses farmable items! My base camp is now 1/1000 of a bit closer.

Just wait until you’re grinding IST for your Base Camp. I’m down to 555 more Nephrite Lenses until I’ve got all the requirements.

Most interesting. Thank you for letting us know.

How can you?
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Hmm, and a 1.50 profit per action, not bad. Requires farming of other things, but…[li]

I got into this, then somehow accidentally closed it out before I could finish the storylet. Is there some way back ‘into’ it?

It’s always available in Veilgarden.

A couple of thought on this recently added content, and how it ties to what we already know about Midnighters and the Great Game (a little late as I was busy grinding, and it’s probably quite obvious anyway, but I’ll put it in spoilers for those who have to play it yet:)

[spoiler]First of all: when I first became a Midnighter, I thought the description (&quotThe Midnighter performs the unconfessed rites of St. Joshua; the secret ministrations of midnight, the holy transition of the owned to the unowned and the unseen to the seen.&quot )was an allegory, to just indicate an individual well-versed in spying and theft. We now know it was intended to be literal; the Midnighter is a priest of sorts, officiating the rites for the spies who need them. One would think the Church to be quite upset about another organization basically anointing its own priests, but there seem to be at least some connection: on one side, st. Joshua has never been canonised, on the other, Midnighters seem to have some business with the Order of st. Cyril, whatever exactly it is: http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/The_Midnighter%27s_Currency

Another thought: in the Dabble in the Great Game storylet and in the Great Game Connected card, &quotWhispers from the Surface&quot, there’s only mention of &quota&quot Shrine to st. Joshua (&quotthe only true sanctuary&quot), that is constantly moved and has to be discovered anew every time due to the memory-cancelling properties of the irrigo it is draped in. But we also know that every Midnighter has one. So, obvious as it may seem, I only recently realized it’s probably several shrines, each guarded by a Midnighter, but this is unknown to most of the spies, who, every time they find a shrine, believe it is the one and only. That would explain why desecrating one (in the action to sever the ties with the Great Game) would be seen as such a definitive act; though sure desecrating even a single one would be a great offence top th Midnighter guarding it, the way it’s described on the card seems to imply that it means ruining the one and only shrine; that is far from truth - but most of the spies wouldn’t know that, and Midnighters, albeit knowing there’s more than one, would probably be well enough pissed off by someone directly attacking one of them ^^[/spoiler]