D--n! I didn't die!

Apparently I missed the clause on this sacramental corn brew nonsense where it said I had a chance of failure. And now I have to wait until a suitable opportunity arises again. And, with one Memory of Chains already claimed, I will still have to claw my way up from some infernal prison of the body, mind, or soul nineteen more times. Nineteen.

Good God, they were right when they kept telling me this was a bad idea. Still, in for a penny, in for an eternity of torment, eh?

Is it possible to ride this road to perdition to its end as of now, or is its ultimate resolution yet to come? Certainly getting that far will occupy the intervening months…

EDIT: Come to think of it, how in the Neath am I supposed to earn a Weeping Scar from ritually drinking myself to death?
edited by TheRyusui on 4/20/2012

The ultimate resolution is yet to be determined, so there’s no rush. And don’t worry, you’ll find out how you get the scars.

Hmm. Well, apart from my unlucky seven jackpot, there’s still also the process of turning my Tales of Terror and other assorted memorabilia into Coruscating Souls. Currently I’m about a tenth of the way to procuring my very own Overgoat. Perhaps it can see what darkness lies at the end of this particular tunnel.

[color=#ffffff]If memory serves, once you get your first weeping scar, there’s a ‘sure thing’ option for most of the rest (that isn’t luck based). I found scars the most friendly to get.
Chains, not so much, it’s damnable luck the entire way through.
Stains… it’s luck for some of them, some aren’t luck tests…but what really sucks is you need to have Starvling cats, lots of cats. I think I needed 4 total (some stains you don’t lose your cat in the process)[/color]

Getting your 2-7 weeping scars make a lot more sense in terms of ‘scaring’, but I prefer to think of the first as…for lack of a nicer description, flesh tearing from the feast.