Cut with Moonlight: The Conclusion

I’m at the final choice of this month’s (well, NEXT month’s, technically) Exceptional Story, but I dare not make that choice. In previous stories, vast gulfs have separated the results of the last choice - both in terms of rewards, and in terms of consequences.

I’m hoping that anyone who HAVE finished the story might give me an idea of what lurks behind each of the four doors. Any unique or rare rewards, like the Mansion in the first story, or the Strongbox in the previous? Does any of the options leave you able to continue pursuing a certain dangerous, new addiction?

I don’t need to know what, exactly, HAPPENS… (that is, echoed text is not the issue). I just need to know the consequences.

From the main thread, it seems that buying new boxes is no longer an option once you end the story. no matter which ending you pick.
Personally, I haven’t even started it yet, but it seems quite possible that never finishing the story at all might be the “right” answer, if boxes are worth having.
Hopefully that will be changed, or a method will be discovered, because it seems sad that none of the endings leave the option open.

From my end choices negotiate and Royal Beth, I received 60 echoes and lost access to the &quotaddiction&quot option that you mention. However, there could be other rewards in the cards (like from the Court of Cats) that I haven’t seen yet. Also, ending the story does not remove your purchased boxes or the associated quality.

This has since been updated with the option to buy new boxes after the conclusion of the story!

There don’t appear to be any unique rewards so far, although I have yet to find out what the reward is for the option where you betray your new comrades to side with some unsavory characters of more long-standing acquaintance. The other three penultimate options either give 62.5 echoes of tier 4 items that otherwise aren’t particularly hard to get for tier 4 items, plus a chunk of connections, or 60 echoes in cash (for the most diplomatic and mutually amicable option).

It has? I negotiated, and I don’t appear to have that option. Where should I be looking?

[quote=Chris Gardiner]We’ve added options to buy Sun-Stamped Mirrorcatch Boxes for those people who have completed Cut with Moonlight.

Depending on your final choice in the story, you’ll find the new option either on the Park and Palace: Society opportunity card, or the Alleys of London: the Criminals card.[/quote]

Quoted from the main thread. :)

I’ve yet to complete the Exceptional Story (still grinding Sun-Stamped Mirrorcatch Boxes and the Touched by Upstairs quality) and I know very little of the 4 optional endings. Am I correct in presuming that the more “diplomatic and mutually amicable” of the options locks us out of getting more of the boxes?

I don’t think so, though I’m not sure which of the two cards that option would be on.

Hmm… so the ‘final rewards’ are actually balanced this time? Interesting. Then I shall proceed to grab the most ‘in character’ option without fear! Thank-you all for the information…

All endings allow you to continue shopping for boxes. I strongly recommend reading the main thread. It’s very informative!

sigh… this annoys me way more than I SHOULD, but… for anyone who’s curious, betraying your new friends to the old guard nets you a Portfolio of Souls and some favor. Which would be very nice if I hadn’t just crafted two of those the HARD way for use in the Nemesis-ambition. In fact, I did that while waiting to hear something about possible consequences of that final choice. If I’d just gone ahead, I could’ve saved myself a heap of souls.

That’s ironic, right? That word gets misused a lot these days, but I THINK that’s ironic. >.<

Interesting and ironic, also probably facilitated by the recent bugs with viewing profiles: anti-serendipitous. Was it just one Portfolio of Souls? I’m curious since the sale price would be a fifth of the other options. And… I’m guessing two or three Favours?

I believe I got 1 portfolio and 1 favour.