Cut with Moonlight: A Demoralizing Realization

I finished the story today!

I am not the most dedicated grinder, but I do grind and hoard, so one bit of the story stuck out to me. I think end-game players might find this provoking. Massive spoiler of course, please look after finishing story etc.

Two Kifers, One Cider
Still can’t beat a Blind Bruiser
Ubergoat, Heptagoat
Still can’t buy a Gold Waistcoat

What does one mean? Do you mean that:

Two of the 4 options allows one to buy those? because if so I would be very interested to hear which ones. VERY interested indeed.

Wait, how did you come to that conclusion?

Your starting post is more than a little ambiguous. I’d call it as clear and transparent as a concrete wall. Seriously, what were you actually trying to say?

^ Yup.
I’m sure those who are more familiar with the Fallen London lore may have picked up on it, but I’ve no idea what that &quotdemoralising realisation&quot was meant to be either. shrugs

We can buy immortality, we can buy fantastic goats, but never will we be able to purchase a gaudy gold waistcoat. Well, unless FBG decides to add it in as a reward somewhere in the future.

That makes much more sense. ^_^

How will I ever manage without our gracious moderator?

(Sorry, I just got carried away by envy.)