Curse you Failbetter!

So I picked up Sunless Sea off Steam a month or so ago and love it! Particularly the setting as I’ve always been a lore nerd since novel gameplay comes and goes but you never forget great stories and settings. So I looked into this game as soon as I learned it was the basis for SS and much to my horror it has timers. In the words of Yosemite Sam &quot$#^^% ^%$^% # ^%^%&quot. I’ve been known to read 1000 page books in a couple days when suitably interested so a set up where I just get in the swing of a story or banging out some stat and BOOM &quotcome back in 10 mins for one more action&quot is the type of game I usually avoid. By it’s self that would not have me cursing you, I would simply move on but damn it I made the mistake of trying it and more of that setting has me popping back to it anyways. My own quirks and lack of patience make it almost as frustrating as enjoyable sometimes but I must know more. Jerks, how dare you make a game I like in spite of temperamental disinclination to the form.

(PS. my anger is tongue in cheek)

You need to shake your fist at them for true impact. :-)

(You might find discussions here of interest: )

Yup very informative, thank you. Here’s hoping they do more in the setting after SS as I creep thru FL.