Curiousity re-organization?

I’ve been out of London for a few days, but I just noticed that the Curiosities category is now in alphabetical order. This is fine…except for the things with A/An,
which are all at the start. The Librarian in me objects.

Honestly, alphabetical makes no sense to me. Much more practical to have the green-framed items first. Now, I’m constantly having to search for what I need, since the order isn’t fixed.

I side with Jermaine on this. The alphabetical order is annoying, especially after having all the important and usable stuff collected on top. Fidgeting Writer will be much more of a grindhell after this change, too.

They mentioned on another post (something about qualities having a green border) that they’re making some background changes to the UI in preparation for something big.

I’d presume this is another side effect of that, rather than the intended final design.