Curious Issue

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this problem

For some months now, every time I play Fallen London, after I log in for the first time in the day - it goes to my profile for a fraction of a second, then some loading problem kicks in and it goes to a blank white page, with ‘Gap_Load’ in the address bar after the rest of the site address, and it finishes on that.
Just recently, it’s happening every time I go to play, regardless if it’s the fist time since starting up the computer or not

This originally happened to me on Firefox. I’ve since changed browsers to Chrome; but it hasn’t abated.
I also hadn’t seen much about it being posted on the forums - and ofc it is currently unfixed.

I know bug issues are normally e-mailed directly, but I was really curious if it’s just me. Or if someone knows what I’m talking about and it’s actually a 5 second fix and I’m just being a numpty for not knowing it.

Many thanks

Seems it was an embarrassingly easy fix.

The page I had bookmarked was bugged. Re-bookmarked it, sorted. All manner of things are well. Carry on :)

I’ve had this happen on my Android phone - if I clear my cookies it typically works again for a while.

[color=6666FF]Glad that you got it sorted - I think it is to do with using the old URL as a bookmark.[/color]