Cultivating an acquaintance with His Amu... help!

[li]Hi all,
[li]I’ve been trying to get everyting in order for the &quotA Sneering Gentleman&quot option. I got everyting except my cultivating an acquantiance with his amused lordship to 3. I have it at level 2, but can’t seem to find any new options to raise it to level 3…
[li]Where can i find the &quotgatecrash a party option?&quot, the wiki says I need it… but i can’t find it :-( It should be on any of these 2 cards: The Cities that fell, The seekers of the gardens… but when do I get these??
[li]Greetings Darctos

They’re completely random just like any opportunity card. You just need to hope that the RNG gives you some mercy at some point. They’re both standard frequency so they’ll come up at eventually. If you’re impatient you can try obliterating all of your connections and moving to a remote address to avoid city vices cards.
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Thanks! Ive been drawing other things all week :-( how do i get somewhere remote?

Remote addresses are mainly Sackmas content you need to visit Penstock’s Wicket with 3 Taste of Lacre where you can choose one of three lodgings.

Are you sure?
There’s the one from the moon leauge, I didn’t think it required fate?

The K&C remote lodgings are virtually impossible to get, but you are correct.