Cricket at University

While waiting for Mr Sackes, decided to try to improve my Scholar of the Correspondence. Being 7 from The Forgotten Quarter, have to dig for the special stories that increase it.

One way I heard of was betting on the Cricket match at Benthic. However, I’ve advanced my Featured in the Tales of the University beyond 5 and it appears that removes the Cricket storylet.

Anything I can do about this?

I still am looking for how to increase my SotC at Uni… no clue yet, though I’ve been through a few terms already…

Apparently, sometimes during “do some actual research” I can get some, but I haven’t seen it yet… :shrug:

[quote=the truthseeker]Nope. Once you set up your department, that carousel is gone for good.

Short of fate-locked pets at the Labyrinth, Betraying the truth about the Murderer to stay put, an 5-turn option on a rare card drawn (if ever) at the Side Streets Look closer, when finished with the University end option for Solving cases Around London, Return the squeezebox for some glim, one one-time very esoterically offered at the time Ambition: Heart’s Desire - the Topsy King 7 if you have that Ambition The Correspondence?, the seasonal examining pails of so called snow with your monocle (you have a 70% success rate at 7 and lacre taste caps at 6,) the (if one already) Correspondents’ seasonal 15 SoTC broad check with Snow and lastly,
Something Perilous Bundles likely from Surprise packages
offer raising this up to 10.

Only the regular University option and Court (if not kicked out) are left. More on the latter below.

However, that earlier option you are asking about is a 50/50 luck check with severe penalties for failure. Even if you had access before, it’s best you build up Persuasive and grind Somewhat challenging music Symphonies at the Court (using Indulge yourself with the lead if you can get a high rate or surefire victory. My Author and future Correspondent with 167+ Persuasive gets 15 Inspired per turn this way, and can grind one work out around her 20 turn cycle, give or take any crads I want to play/entry into Court.)

I guess if you still have University access, if you ground out the University Connections with their Endowment of a University Fellowship and Church’s Tiny Jewelled Reliquary connection items, you could afford mining it.
But honestly, the turns needed to get to that Term Passing 12 would just be better spent making Symphonies. (Just don’t get kicked out of court until you are done with that.)[/quote]

So how do I get above SotC 3? I can’t find other options thus far…

The University Research option is available terms 8-11, but it is a rare success to get +1 CP in SotC. The Cricket opportunity is a coin flip available only in term 12. To get SotC from 3-7, you are best off searching for curios in the FQ. The SotC option is airs-dependent, but you will get SotC if you can pass the check. And you’ll usually pick up a lot of Whispered Hints and Cyptic Clues in the process, plus the odd Eyeless Skull if you’re really lucky.
Above 7, the reliable route is Symphonies at Court, as long as you are still allowed there. As a side benefit, you will get beaucoup Moon Pearls in the process.

– Mal
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You can get up to 7 by looking for more evidence in the forgotten quarter. It’s airs dependent, so you might not see it right away.

I have seen that… but how do I get Airs to change in the FQ?

[quote=the truthseeker]Sorry stuff was ninjaed between posting edits, but it’s all listed in my reply above now.
John, you simply play any stories in the Seeking Curios and Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter

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That’s what I was afraid of… OK… I can’t do anything until I shed some Nightmare… without the Cane, they are coming to take me away, ha ha!

Look at the bright side, John, after a couple of days you’ll be swimming in Rumour stuff.
I can take some of those Nightmares. And look out for that little lost Urchin, she’ll help if you tell her to stay away from that naughty Widow.
There’s only about a 10% chance of getting the SotC option in the FQ, so expect to take about 3-4 days to get to 7. Of course, unless you get another pail of snow sometime, it doesn’t much matter what your SotC is.

– Mal
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